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To obtain an activation key to license your product - web-activated licensing starts with a sales order. As a part of the sales order, the user will provide a licensing contact, who will receive the Activation Key by email once the order is complete. This email should be saved as it contains your activation key which is required to license your product. The email also contains instructions to download, install the product and activate the license.

NOTE: Administrative Rights and internet access is required when moving the license from one machine to another or to renew the license by activating, deactivating, reactivating or renewing. To run the program, continuous internet connection is not required.

More specifically the user runs the license activation tool (StandAloneKey.exe) which is installed with the product. When prompted, copy/paste in the activation key. During activation or renewal, the activation tool determines the locking code of the user's machine, retrieves a license through the internet and automatically saves the license file on the user's machine. 

The locking code for a web-activated license is based on multiple hardware criteria. These standalone licenses are no longer locked to the USB key (Computer Key) and therefore the USB key is no longer required to license the product.

You can download latest standalonekey.exe file from link below:

Standalonekey download


The license is now locked to multiple locking criteria including Ethernet Address, CPU Info String and UUID. Any changes affecting any of these locking criteria, including maintenance, repair or reformatting the machine, will cause the license to no longer work and also prevent the license from being deactivated. Please deactivate the license before taking any action that may alter any of the locking criteria.

License activation, deactivation, reactivation and renewal

Web-activated standalone licenses use StandAloneKey.exe to move the license from one machine to another or to renew the license by activating/deactivating/renewing. Administrative Rights and internet access is required for processes. This tool can be found in the [PRODUCT NAME] > CSiLicensing subfolder of the product, and a shortcut is provided on the Windows Start menu. The activation key is required to activate or reactivate a license. Users should always deactivate their license before uninstalling the software product.

Step by step instructions can be found hereStandaloneKey Guide.pdf


The license activation server ports are 80 and 443. If either of these ports is blocked, they need to be opened, otherwise license activation will not be possible. Please refer to the Error 'Port 80 (or 443) is not responding' when running activation tool for web-activated licenses article for additional information.

For products released prior to 2/4/2014, ports 8080 and 8443 were used instead of ports 80 and 443. If you are using products released prior to 2/4/2014, please upgrade to the latest version as ports 80 and 443 are typically opened on most systems by default.

A video of the procedure can be found below:

Troubleshooting standalone license problems

Please refer to the License errors and their resolution article for troubleshooting instructions specific to each error code.

The methods for diagnosing and solving licensing problems for web-activated licensing remain the same as for conventional licensing. A valid "lservrc" license file is still required in the installation folder.

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