CSiPlant is a standalone piping stress analysis program based on our SAP2000 structural software, but with a user interface and design features tailored for piping stress and structural engineers working in the process, power, pipeline, and offshore industries.

As a result of being based on SAP2000, CSiPlant inherited a number of unique capabilities not available in other older generation piping stress programs. Capabilities such as second order nonlinear P-delta analysis with large displacements, unlimited path dependent load sequencing (can be important when friction or soil is modeled), nonlinear time history dynamic analysis which can consider gaps, multi-linear restraint behavior, one-way supports, friction, and P-delta effects in the dynamic analysis, unlimited number of load cases, and buckling analysis, to name a few of CSiPlant’s unique advantages for more realistic analysis results. All this using a modern intuitive and efficient graphical user interface.

CSiPlant's bi-directional integration with SAP2000 provides comprehensive and reliable integration between piping stress and structural analysis for more accurate calculation of piping code stresses and reactions, with options to automatically export selected pipe support loads from the combined CSiPlant model back into SAP2000.

These more rigorous analysis technologies and methods provide “more applicable data” as referenced in the ASME B31 codes.


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