Web-activated licensing is our automated licensing system and procedure which gives you full control over your licenses. Once an order is processed, you may immediately license your software online,  and then deactivate, activate, or renew without having to contact CSI.

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For which software does web-activated licensing apply and how do I obtain one?

ANSWER: Please refer to the Licensing table on the Licensing page to see which product versions are eligible for web-activated licensing. Your company will receive an email with the activation key once your purchase or upgrade has been processed.

How do I license my software using the Web-Activated licensing system and activation key?

ANSWER: The web-activated licensing system allows you to license your product online. Once you have received your activation key you will enter it during the software installation process or license manager setup. A license file will automatically be generated and saved your computer or server. You must be connected online during this process.

How long is the software and its activation key valid?

ANSWER: The software license is valid for one year at a time and can be renewed indefinitely for as long as your product version and level stay the same.

The activation key is valid for as along as long as your product version, level and license type remain the same. Activation key is required for activating and reactivating the software.


Save a copy of the activation key to reactivate the software on a different machine or at a later date.

License renewal

How do I renew my license?

ANSWER: Within 30 days of expiration or anytime after the license expires, you can renew the license (if the product is still valid) using the license activation tool. You will not be required to enter an activation key but must be connected online. 

  • StandAlone – Instructions to Renew a Standalone license can be found here
  • Network – Instructions to Renew a Network license can be found here.

Standalone license

How can I move my license between computers?

ANSWER: Your software license can be deactivated from one computer then activated on another computer, thereby moving your license from one computer to another. Instructions to do so can be found at: Activating, Deactivating and Renewing Web-Activated Standalone Licenses

Network license

How do I install a network license?

ANSWER: To install a network license, the server must be connected to the internet during installation process and when entering the activation key. The installation wizard will install the Sentinel RMS License Manager and the Sentinel RMS Utilities, at which time it will require your activation key to activated your licenses. The Sentinel RMS Utilities contains tools to manage your network licenses (such as WlmAdmin.exe) and the license activation tool, which allows you to activate, deactivate and renew your network license. Product installations on the workstation can occur anytime after the network licenses have been activated and does not require internet connection.

How do I move a network license?

ANSWER: Before uninstalling the license manger/server you MUST first deactivate all network licenses. Your activation keys will not be valid for reactivation on the new server unless they have first been deactivated from the previous network server. Once the license manger has been installed on the new server, you may reactivate your licenses using your activation keys and the license activation tool. Instructions to deactivate and activate can be found at: Network License Activation, Deactivation and Renewal.


Be sure to deactivate all network licenses PRIOR to uninstalling the license manager.