The following licensing options are available based on the product and version listed in the following table. To learn more about the differences between our license options, please view our Licensing Options page.

Cloud-Hosted Licensing
(requires internet connection)

On-Prem Licensing (Legacy)
(Network and Standalone licenses)

Cloud Sign-in

Cloud Key

(uses new-style locking code) 

(uses old-style locking code) 

CSiBridge v25.1.0 and newer

ETABS v21.2.0 and newer

SAFE v21.2.0 and newer

SAP2000 v25.1.0 and newer

CSiBridge v23 and newer

CSiCol v10 and newer

CSiPlant v5 and newer

CSiXRevit 2021 and newer

Perform3D v8 and newer

ETABS v19 and newer

SAP2000 v23 and newer

CSiDetail v20

CSiXCAD v19 and newer

CSiBridge 2014 (v16.0.0) and newer

CSiXRevit 2013 and newer

ETABS 2013 (v13.0.0) and newer

Perform3D v8.0.0 and newer

SAFE 2014 (v14.0.0) and newer

SAP2000 v16.0.0 and newer

CSiDetail v18 and newer

CSiXCAD v18 and newer

CSiBridge v15.2.0 and older

CSiCol v9.0.1 and older

CSiXRevit 2012 and older

ETABS v9.7.4 and older

Perform3D v7 and older

SAFE v12.3.2 and older

SAP2000 v15.2.1 and older

Below is a list of articles providing additional information and comprehensive details for each licensing method:

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