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Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI) uses Sentinel RMS License Manager by SafeNet, Inc. to license its software. For a given CSI product and version, you will need to use either Conventional Licensing (old-style locking code) or Web-Activated Licensing (new-style locking code), based on the below table:

Products with Conventional Licensing
(uses OLD-style locking code) 

Products with Web-Activated Licensing
(uses NEW-style locking code) 

CSiBridge v15.2.0 and prior

SAP2000 v15.2.1 and prior

ETABS v9.7.4 and prior

SAFE v12 and prior

Perform-3D v5 and prior

CSICol v9 and prior

CSiXRevit 2012 and prior

CSiBridge 2014 (v16.0.0) and higher

SAP2000 v16.0.0 and higher

ETABS 2013 and higher

SAFE 2014 and higher

CSiXRevit 2013 and higher



For upcoming releases of CSI products, the Conventional Licensing method will be gradually phased out in favor of the Web-Activated Licensing method. Below is a list of articles providing additional information and comprehensive details for each licensing method:

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