Locking code is a unique string generated for a particular machine to reflect its hardware and possibly other characteristics. You can think of it as a fingerprint of a given computer.

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Locking code and license file

The locking is then used to generate a license file that is needed to license CSI software. CSI software will run only when the license file is compatible with a given machine, ie. the locking code of the machine matches the locking code embedded in the license file. The locking code embedded in the license file can be determined by running lsdecode.exe utility.

Locking code locking criteria for web-activated licenses

The locking code for web-activated licenses is based on the following locking criteria:

  • Ethernet address
  • CPU Info String
  • UUID

Obtaining locking code

Locking codes can be obtain by running echoid.exe and wechoide.exe utilities.

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