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To run CSI software using a Standalone license, you will need a license file (lservrc file) and a USB key (also known as Computer ID) the license is locked to. Locking the license file to a USB key gives flexibility to run the software on any computer that has the USB key connected to it and the license file saved in the correct location. The USB key will be mailed to you by CSI.

Requesting a standalone license

Licenses locked to a USB key will be emailed once the USB key has been shipped.

For users requesting licenses for older product versions (ETABS v9.5, SAP2000 v15, CSiBridge v15, SAFE v12 and earlier), please request your license at http://www.csiamerica.com/sales/licensing/license-request.

Installing a standalone license

The license file can be installed by simply copying the license file (lservrc file) into the program installation directory, ie. the same directory that contains the executable file of the program. The default directory CSI products are installed under is: C:\Program Files...\Computers and Structures\[PRODUCT NAME].

Troubleshooting standalone license problems

The following resources are available for troubleshooting problems related to standalone licenses:

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