For licenses locked to a Computer ID (USB key), a program cannot find a software license when it does not recognize the Computer ID (CID) key. To check recognition, remove all hardware devices except for either the parallel port CID key or the USB CID key, depending on which is applicable. Next, run WechoID.exe, which is also located in the program folder, to open the following menu:

Figure 1 - WechoID menu

If the Computer ID check box is grayed out, as shown in Figure 1, then the computer does not recognize the CID key and cannot serve the license.

The Sentinel System Driver necessary to recognize the CID key is automatically installed when CSI Software is installed from the CD browser. If the software is not installed from the browser, but run as Setup.exe, then users should install the Sentinel System Driver manually. This installation file is located in the KeyDriver folder within the CSI Software folder, and may also be downloaded from the Safenet website .

Before installation, please remove any USB keys which may be attached to the computer, and then double click on setup.exe to install the driver. This is a one-time installation which need not be repeated unless software is uninstalled. If installation completes without an error message, reboot the computer to complete the process.

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