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A lower software version may be run using a higher version license by creating a text file named level.txt within the installation folder of the earlier product version. However, this does not apply to web-activated licenses which are not compatible with the previous conventional licenses (therefore, for example, the SAP2000 V16 web-activated license cannot be used to run SAP2000 V15).

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Level.txt file

The level.txt text file should have two lines, described as follows:

  • Line 1: Product Level. Depending on the product level, enter (in caps) 'BASIC', 'PLUS', 'ADVANCED' or 'ULTIMATE', etc. See level.txt for a list of levels for each CSI program.
  • Line 2: Product Version. Enter only the version number of the current license, for example, '15'.

NOTE: This process may not work when versions are separated by more than one major release, in which case the license file for the older version should be requested. It is not possible to run V15 using V16 license, because the licensing has changed to a web-activated licensing that is based on different locking criteria.


  • Standalone installation – For a standalone installation, the level.txt file should be located in the program folder with the executable. Further, the license file of the current version should be copied into the installation folder of the previous version.
  • Workstation installation – For a workstation installation, the level.txt file should be located on the server with the executable.

Example: Running SAP2000 v14 using a v15 license

Some additional procedures which concern running SAP2000 v14 using a v15 license are listed as follows:

  • Standalone installation with standalone license – When running a standalone installation, the SAP2000 "lservrc" file must be copied into the version 14 *.exe folder.
  • Standalone installation with network license – If you are running a standalone installation but getting the network license, the level.txt file should be copied into the SAP2000 version 14 *.exe folder on the client machine.
  • Workstation installation – For workstation installations from the server, the level.txt file should be copied into the SAP2000 version 14 Server > License Manager folder.

To use SAP2000 V15 license to run SAP2000 V14 with the add-on module license (Bridge, Staged Construction, Off Shore), SAP2000 V14.2.5 and SAP2000 V15 Ultimate license is required.

NOTE: The *.ini file takes precedence over the level.txt file, therefore it may be best to leave the field for the program level blank in the *.ini file.

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