The User Management Dashboard allows you to view and manage your Users, their User Roles, and Cloud Sign-in License Groups if your company owns Cloud Sign-In licenses.  

Please note, only the Customer Account Administrator(s) in your company account can add and manage Users and User Roles . The Administrative role can be assigned to a user on the user Roles tab in the User Management Dashboard.

Your Customer Account Administrator(s) will be listed on your CSI Customer Center Dashboard at the bottom right when you sign into the CSI Customer Center.         

Adding, Managing and Removing Users

On the Users tab, a Customer Account Administrator has permission for the following:

  • Add a new User(s)
    • Users can be added individually to the account
    • Users can be added in bulk by importing them using an Excel file (*.xlsx). The Import User button has a sample file with the correct columns (First Name, Last Name, Email address) to successfully import users. 
  • Edit a User's first name, last name, and/or email address
  • Assign a User(s) a permissions Role (including assigning a user the Administrator role)

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When a new user is created, they will receive an email with a link for them to set a password. This combination of username and password will be the user's CSI Sign-in Credentials and can be used to sign into the CSI Customer Center and CSI products that use Cloud Sign-in licensing.

Companies who have federated their identity platform with CSI still have to add their users to their customer account if they would like to assign them a permissions Role (other than the Default Role on the customer account).  Federated users will not set a password when their user account is created and will instead use their company credentials when signing in.

CSI supports federation with the following identity platforms/standards: Microsoft Active Directory (Azure Active Directory, Active Directory, ADFS, AD/LDAP), Google Workspace, OpenID Connect, Okta, PingFederate, and SAML. For more information on federating your company's identity platform with CSI’s, please email us at identity@csiamerica.com

Creating and Managing User Roles

On the Roles tab, a Customer Account Administrator has permission to:

  • Create a new custom Role
  • Edit a custom Role
  • Assign a Default Role for their customer account. When a new user is created outside of the User Management Dashboard, the user will be assigned this default role.

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User Role Permissions

The following permissions are available to be assigned to a User Role. By default, the Administrator role has permission for all items listed below.

  • SALES  

    • View / Pay Quotes:
       User can view and pay quotes in the CSI Customer Center.

    • Upgrade Assets:
      User can upgrade their CSI software license(s), on behalf of their company, to a newer version or convert their current licenses to Cloud Sign-in Licenses in the CSI Customer Center.


    • Manage Own Incidents:
       User can view and manage their own Support Incidents.

    • Manage All Company Incidents:
      User can view and manage all Support Incidents in their account.


    • Software Access:
       User can access CSI Cloud Sign-in licensed software with their credentials. This permission is required for a user to use CSI Cloud Sign-in licenses. 

    • Terminate Sessions:
      User can to remotely terminate a license on another user’s machine through the CSI Customer Center from the Cloud Licensing Tools > License Monitor menu. Once terminated, the software will close on that user’s machine. 

    • License Group Manager:
      User can create, edit and manage Cloud Sign-in License Groups in the User Management Dashboard. 


    • View Assets:  
      User can view all software assets in the customer account.

    • View Activation Keys:
      User can view all sensitive licensing information, such as Activation keys, for the software assets in the customer account.

    • Download Installations: User can download product installations. This can be limited to only the most recent minor release of the product or all minor versions for their major version.


    • License Monitor:
      User can view real time license usage for Cloud Sign-in and Cloud Key licenses. 

    • License Historical Use Data:
      User can view historical usage data for Cloud Sign-in and Cloud Key licenses.


    • View / Edit Company Addresses:
      User can add and remove company addresses and set the default billing address.

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Cloud Sign-In License Groups

Cloud Sign-in License Groups can be created and managed on the License Groups tab. License groups allow complete control over who can access which licenses owned by the company. For detailed information on license groups, please visit our wiki page: Cloud Sign-In License Groups

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