CSI offers the option for users to create user-defined License Groups for their Cloud Sign-in Licenses. A license group is defined by a set of Cloud Sign-In software licenses and a list of users who have access to those specific licenses. This allows customers flexibility and control over their licenses by controlling specific license access by user. Creating a custom license groups is not required to start using your Cloud Sign-in licenses. 

The order in which licenses are obtained by a user, after signing into a product, is based on the order of the licenses in the license group the user is in. If the user is in more than one license group, the order of the license groups will dictate which license group the software will try to obtain a license from first. 

License Groups are created and managed in the User Management Dashboard, found under the Settings menu in the CSI Customer Center. Permission to create and manage users and user roles is limited to Customer Account Administrators only. Customer Account Administrators and users with License Group Manager permission checked on their user role can create and manage license groups. For more information about adding, removing, editing and managing users and their roles, please visit the User Management Dashboard wiki page. 

Features and Functionality of License Groups: 

  • Licenses can be arranged in any order within a License Group. This will be the order a user will obtain an available license.  
  • Licenses can be added to more than one License Group 
  • A user can be a member of more than one License Group
  • All users are automatically added to the Default license group. Any license group in the customer account can be selected to be the Default license group. 
  • All Cloud Sign-in licenses will automatically be added to a locked system license group. The licenses in this group cannot be added, removed or resorted.
  • Users must have the Software Access permission checked on their role in order to user their credentials for Cloud Sign-in licensing. Users who do not have this permission will not be able to access the license even if they are in a License Group. 

System and Default License Group

Upon purchasing CSI software with Cloud Sign-in licensing, a default system License Group is created in your customer account. This system license group is locked and will always contain all your Cloud Sign-in licenses. The order of licenses in the system license group will be fixed with the highest version first and then by level with the highest first. User-defined License Groups can be created. Any License Group marked as Default will have all newly added users automatically added to it. 

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