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SAP2000 calculates section-cut forces by summing the forces which act on member joints within the group of frame, shell, and link objects which define the section cut. During summation, the forces and moments at joint locations are transformed into equivalent conditions at a point of summation. They are then transformed into the local coordinate system which is specified for the reporting of section-cut forces. Section cuts may be defined by group, by cutting plane, or within the graphical user interface.



Section-cut first stepsIntroductory tutorial for using section cuts.SAP2000

Test Problems

Frame and shell section cutsSection cuts are defined through a simply-supported beam which is modeled using frame and shell objects.SAP2000
Moving-load analysis section cutsVerification of section-cut forces generated during moving-load analysis.SAP2000
Saving section cuts during moving-load analysisSections cuts may be saved during moving-load analysis through this procedure.SAP2000
Section cuts drawn within the graphical user interfaceDraw section cuts within the graphical user interface using either 2D or 3D views.SAP2000
Tendon force vs. frame responseTendon application is validated by comparing tendon forces to those in an equivalent frame system.SAP2000