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NOTE: Small changes in properties or loading conditions may cause large changes in nonlinear response. For this reason, it is important to consider many different load cases, and to perform sensitivity studies on the effect of varying properties of the structure.



2D-view cutting planesSetting the tolerance for cutting planes within 2D views such that all desired objects are displayed.SAP2000
Cold-formed steel trussThis tutorial demonstrates the modeling of a cold-formed steel truss system.SAP2000
Create circular openingsCircular openings may be created within area objects, and the surrounding mesh may be improved.SAP2000
Steel-frame pipe rackA detailed and extensive procedure which describes the modeling, analysis, and design of a 3D steel-frame pipe rack system.SAP2000
Using the graphical user interfaceTips and tricks for efficiently using the graphical user interface to develop models in SAP2000 and ETABS.ETABS, SAP2000
Vibrating-machinery steel skid on pilesThis tutorial demonstrates the modeling of vibrating machinery and its connection to a steel-skid structural system.SAP2000