Several suggestions which concern the backup and troubleshooting of corrupted models include the following:

  • Manual Backup. Models, especially complex models, should be backed up when modeling milestones are reached. This enables a valid model to be retrieved in the event of a corrupted file. Corruption may result from hardware failure, delayed write operations, and other reasons beyond control.

  • Automatic Backup.

    CSI Software automatically saves backup copies of a model to the model directory. These files may be recovered by opening the binary backup file, or by importing the backup text file. Backup files are dependent upon the software, and are identified by their extension, listed as follows:


    Model File Extension

    Binary Backup File Extension

    Text Backup File Extension

















  • When Corrupted. If your model does become corrupted, try to export and then import a text file of the model. Often times, this will resolve the issue.

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