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Modeling techniques useful to CSI Software application are presented in this section.



Cold-formed steel trussThis tutorial demonstrates the modeling of a cold-formed steel truss system.SAP2000
Locate center of massProcedure for locating the center of mass for a structural system.SAP2000
Modeling a pin connection between crossing membersModify joints and apply constraints such that a pin connection allows crossing members to translate freely.SAP2000
Reinforced-concrete column and beam designDesign reinforced-concrete columns and beams while considering combined performance measures and interaction-surface output.SAP2000
Steel-frame pipe rackA detailed and extensive procedure which describes the modeling, analysis, and design of a 3D steel-frame pipe rack system.SAP2000
Vibrating-machinery steel skid on pilesThis tutorial demonstrates the modeling of vibrating machinery and its connection to a steel-skid structural system.SAP2000

Test Problems

Human-induced vibrationsThe modeling and analysis of human-induced vibrations due to footfalls or another type of impact.SAP2000

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