The steps for using WlmAdmin.exe to directly add a license file to the license manager are as follows:

  1. Launch WlmAdmin.exe, located either in the Sentinel Utilities installation folder or in the product installation directory under its "License Manager" subdirectory or "CSiLicensing" subdirectory (depending on the version of the program).
  2. Expand the Subnet Servers entry in the left column.
  3. Right-click on the server to which the license file will be added, then select Add Feature > From a File > To Server and its File (Figure 1).
  4. Browse to locate the license file which is to be added to the server.

Figure 1 - WlmAdmin menu

Important notes

  • If you do not see the license server in the Subnet servers, you can add the license server manually via "Edit > Defined Server List".