Hinge first steps (CSiBridge)


Basic introduction to hinge application in CSiBridge.




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Users must assign discrete hinges to frame elements in order to model nonlinear behavior in frame element. Merely defining a nonlinear material properties does not activate nonlinear material response of frame elements, unless hinges are assigned to the frame elements. Nonlinear material stress-strain curve is used to determine the response of the hinges.

Key steps to modeling hinges

  • Define hinge properties using the "Advanced Tab > Define > Section Properties > Hinge Properties" menu command.
  • Assign hinges to frame elements using the "Advanced Tab > Assign > Frames > Hinges" menu command.
  • Create a nonlinear load case and run the analysis.
  • Use the "Home Tab > Display > More > Show Hinge Results" menu to plot hinge deformation against applied loading. Moment vs. plastic rotation is one such option.

See Also

  • Verification Example 1-026, available through "Orb (circular bridge icon) > Resources > Documentation > Show > Analysis Verification > Frames > 1-026 Moment and Shear Hinges"