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List of SAP2000 Test Problems

Insertion point and transform stiffness3D demonstration of insertion-point, end-offset, and transform-stiffness application.
Two-span girder simply-supported for DL and continuous for LLModeling demonstration for a two-span girder which is simply-supported for DL and continuous for LL.
Steady-state vs. time-history analysisTest problems to demonstrate the differences and similarities between steady-state and time-history analyses.
Moment curvature, cracked moment of inertia and Caltrans idealized modelParameters and output for moment curvature and cracked moment of inertia.
P-Delta effect for a cantilevered columnCalculation and verification of the P-Delta effects of a cantilevered column.
Effect of insertion point on beam reactionsHow insertion point affects horizontal reactions and flexural response of a simply supported beam.
Temperature-gradient loading for bridge objectsThis test problem demonstrates CSI Software calculation and application of temperature-gradient loading to bridge objects.
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