UPD Port 5093 is required to be open in the incoming and outgoing direction on both the license server and the client machine in order for network licenses to be dispatched. On most machines, the Inbound and Outbound Rules do not need to be set but in the few cases where it does, instructions to do so can be found below.

Create Inbound & Outbound Rule to Open UDP Port 5093

Instructions below can be used on both the license server and the client machine, as required, to set the Inbound and Outbound Rules to open UDP Port 5093. 

For license servers, this port is usually opened when installing the license manager, unless explicit permission is denied during the installation process of the license manager.

On most client machines, this port is usually opened by default unless blocked due to firewall settings or internet security software. Any CSI product installed on the client machine and successfully run with a network license, confirms the UDP Port 5093 is open on this client machine and will not require the port to be opened again.  


  1. Under Control Panel > System & Security > Windows Firewall > Advance Settings

  2. Create a new Inbound Rule and a new Outbound Rule

    1. These rules will be:
      1. a Port rule
      2. for all programs
      3. UDP port
      4. specific local port 5093
      5. allow the connection
      6. rule applies to all
  3. Rule can be named anything but it is advisable to label the rule accordingly for easy reference later.


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