CSI Software stores model data and other information in database tables which may be directly edited through interactive database editing. This powerful feature allows models to be quickly developed or edited.

Launching interactive database editing

Interactive database editing may be launched, depending on the software version, through the following commands:

  • SAP2000 – Edit > Interactive Database Editing
  • CSiBridge – Advanced Tab > Edit > More > Interactive Database Editing

Why are objects deleted when I rename them through interactive database editing?

Answer: It is best to rename structural objects through Edit > Change Labels. Item names may exist in multiple tables, therefore using interactive database editing to change names may cause inconsistencies which are then automatically removed by the software.

Constraint assignments seem to be removed when renaming constraints through interactive database editing. Is this expected?

Answer: Constraints will be successfully renamed, without removing the constraint assignment, when changed in both the Constraint Definition Table and the joint Constraint Assignments Table. Constraint assignments are lost when only the name of the constraint is changed because these assignments are still connected to the previous name. To avoid this issue, we recommend changing names through Edit > Change Labels. Name changes should be made carefully and consistently in the interactive database editor.