Help Space Overview

  • Procedures for navigating the CSI Knowledge Base and contacting CSI Technical Support follow.

The CSI Knowledge Base is a searchable, online, Wiki-format encyclopedia that provides technical information to CSI Software users and the Structural Engineering community.

In that the Knowledge Base is:

  • searchable, users may enter topics of interest in the top right search box;
  • online, users have access anytime, from any computer connected to the internet; and of
  • Wiki-format, information is presented in spaces and pages connected by relevance through hyperlinks.

CSI strives to provide a wealth of Structural Engineering resources, both specific to CSI Software application and of general technical interest, to assist users with software application and to further understanding within the field. The Knowledge Base is continually developing in an effort to achieve this goal.

Please feel free to navigate through the Technical Knowledge Base using its practical and intuitive controls.

Requesting Technical Support

Users with a technical concern unique to a specific project developed using CSI Software are encouraged to contact Technical Support for assistance. This process is designed to not only assist users, but also to provide CSI with insight into how products are being used and how products should develop.

If the Technical Knowledge Base does not provide solution to your concern, please contact CSI Technical Support.