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h1. Model description

A two-span (10m each), continuous girder with solid cross section (0.1m by 0.6m) is modeled three times using [frame|kb:Frame], [shell|kb:Shell], and [solid|kb:Solid] objects, as shown in Figure 1. The system is subjected to a unit moving load which travels the length of the structure. Section cuts are defined through the midspan of the second span. Section-cut forces are evaluated through [influence-based moving-load analysis|kb:Influence-based moving-load analysis], which is run both with and without saving section cut forces.



{center-text}Figure 1 - Structural model{center-text}

h1. Discussion of results

To obtain section-cut forces for [solid|kb:Solid] and [link|kb:Link] objects, the option to save section cuts must be selected under Moving Load Case Results Saved.

* When analysis is requested while saving section cuts during [moving-load|kb:Moving-load analysis] analysis, then section cuts which are either defined prior to analysis, or defined or drawn after analysis, produce correct values.

* When analysis is not requested while saving section cuts during moving-load analysis, section cuts for solid and link objects will produce zero results, and section cuts for frame and shell objects produce correct values.

h1. Attachments

* [SAP2000 V14.1.0 model |Saving section cuts during moving-load analysis^SAP2000 V14.1.0] (zipped .SDB file)