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Complete the Section cut in 3D View section.

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For section cuts drawn in a 2D View, the software automatically projects a quadrilateral cutting plane into the depth of the display. This depth is specified through Options > Dimensions and Tolerances > 2D View Cutting Planes +/-. Relevant parameters are shown in Figures 2 and 3:

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h1. Section cut in 3D View For section cuts drawn in a 3D View, open questions are listed as follows: * How is the section cut internally defined? Using groups or quadrilateral cutting planes? * If quadrilateral cutting planes are used, how is the plane determined from the line representing the section cut? (The plane is not uniquely defined by the line that is drawn to represent the section cut.) * Why can section cuts drawn in 3D views not be saved? \\ !Section_cut_drawn_in_3D_view.png|align=center,border=0! {center-text}Figure 4 - Section cut in 3D View{center-text}