Create and copy load combinations


This tutorial explains how interactive database editing allows users to create and copy load combinations from one model to another.





Model ID:


Load combinations may be created and copied from one model to another by using interactive database editing as follows:

  1. Model A, for example, contains existing definitions for load cases and load combinations which must be copied to a new Model B.

  2. Model B is created as a new model and load cases of interest are defined.

  3. Load-combination definitions are copied from Model A to Model B:

    • Within Model A, open the load-combinations definition table and export it to Excel by selecting Edit > Interactive Database Editing > Model Definition > Load Pattern Definitions > Response Combinations > Table: Combination Definitions.

    • Within Model B, select the same database table as described previously. Since this table is empty for new models, the Expose All Input Tables option may need to be selected on the Choose Tables for Interactive Editing menu. Once the table is displayed, export the empty table to Excel, then copy the load-combination definitions into this spreadsheet from the one previously exported from Model A.

    • After changes are saved, load-combination definitions will be available within Model B.