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Explore CSiBridge Test Problems

List of CSiBridge Test Problems


Internal (eigen) stresses resulting from non-uniform temperature gradient loading

Staged-construction analysis of two-span precast-girder bridge

Modeling and construction stage analysis of precast-girder bridge which is simply supported for dead load and continuous for live load.

Bridge shrinkage example

Evaluate shrinkage for a one-span and a continuous two-span bridge system.

Hyperstatic forces for bridge-object superstructures

The hyperstatic forces within a superstructure which is modeled using bridge objects may be obtained using any of three methods described in this test problem.

Start and end station for bridge line-load input

This test problem explains start- and end-station interpretation for line load offset from baseline.

Modeling segmental-bridge joint openings

The modeling and response of joint openings, simulated using gap link elements, between shell segments of a post-tensioned bridge deck.

Horizontal moving loads

Demonstration of horizontal moving loads

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