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Why doesn't soil bearing change when I edit slab reinforcement?

ANSWER: Nonlinear cracked-section analysis must be performed for rebar to affect the stiffness of a model. This may be accomplished as follows:

  • Select Run > Cracking Analysis, then choose the source of reinforcement which the software should use to calculate cracked-section properties.
  • Create load cases through Define > Load Cases, assign various load patterns, then select the Nonlinear Cracked Analysis type.
  • Use these load cases to check pressures and compare against allowable limits.
  • Modify the model as necessary and re-analyze until bearing stresses are acceptable.

    • NOTE – If a beam is added, the effect will depend on such factors as its location and stiffness.

    • NOTE – Increasing mat thickness is typically more efficient than adding reinforcement when looking to improve bearing pressure distribution.

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How do I report the foundation soil pressures?

Extended Question: The Soil Pressures – Enveloping Summary table is organized by Panel, but these labels do not match my foundation Area Labels. How do I find which foundation corresponds with which panel? Can I print a table of the results for enveloped soil pressures per each foundation Area?

ANSWER: To identify panel location and geometry, select Tables > Results Summary > Panel Geometry. To obtain pressures based on area objects, select Tables > Nodal Results > Soil Pressures. An envelope load combination may be created to obtain results based on area objects.