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Staged construction is a static modeling, analysis, and design application which enables the definition of a sequence of construction stages in which structural systems and load patterns are added or removed, and time-dependent behaviors are evaluated, including creep, shrinkage, aging (change in elastic modulus with age), and tendon relaxation. Material and geometric nonlinearity may be applied to staged construction. Further, staged construction may be part of a sequence of nonlinear static or direct-integration time-history analysis load cases. For linear load cases, the structural stiffness at a given construction stage may serve as the basis for analysis.

Staged construction is available to CSI Software with Ultimate Levels and Features. Additional details, including specifics on input parameters, are described in the CSI Analysis Reference Manual (Staged Construction, page 396).



Analysis and design of composite steel-girder bridgeUse CSiBridge to model a composite steel-girder bridge based on that from the LRFD Design Example, Steel Girder Superstructure Bridge (FHWA NHI-04-041).CSiBridge
Cable-stayed bridgeTutorial included in the SAP2000 bridge-examples document.SAP2000
Obtain results for individual stages of a staged-construction load caseOptions and an example of how to obtain results for individual stages of a staged-construction load case.SAP2000

Test Problems

Bridge shrinkage exampleEvaluate shrinkage for a one-span and a continuous two-span bridge system.CSiBridge
Staged construction in buildingsGuidelines for setting up staged construction and interpreting the staged-construction results.SAP2000
Staged construction of a five-story columnCreep application, addition of nodes to deformed configuration, and verification against manual calculations are given for the staged construction of a five-story column.SAP2000
Staged-construction analysis of two-span precast-girder bridgeModeling and construction stage analysis of precast-girder bridge which is simply supported for dead load and continuous for live load.CSiBridge
Two-span girder simply-supported for DL and continuous for LLModeling demonstration for a two-span girder which is simply-supported for DL and continuous for LL.SAP2000