Silent installations are nearly identical to an installation performed via the command line, except the installer user-interface dialogs are suppressed to allow the installer to proceed without user interaction.

NOTE: When using the command line, it is important to pay close attention to placement of double quotes ("), spaces, and other characters. The Windows installer is very specific about these and will not perform as expected unless the syntax is exactly as expected.

The syntax used for a silent installation either using the setup file or the MSI looks like:

   Setup.exe /s /v"/qn InstallerParameters"


   msiexec /i Setup.msi /qn InstallerParameters


   Setup.exe should be changed to the name of the downloaded InstallShield setup file.

   Setup.msi should be changed to the name of the MSI file extracted from the InstallShield setup file.

   InstallerParameters should be replaced by any desired installer parameters as documented on the Command Line Installation page for the product being installed.

Steps for extracting the MSI file from the InstallShield setup file are provided in the topic Installation Deployment Methods.

NOTE: The current CSI installations install Visual C++ redistributables as a prerequisite. These Microsoft installers prompt for user interaction even when the InstallShield setup file is executed in silent mode. Installing the MSI does not experience this issue, but does rely on the user to manually install the C++ redistributables on the client machine.