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What should be considered when modeling multiple towers in the same file?

Answer: A few notes which concern the modeling of multiple towers in a single file include:

  • Diaphragms – Different diaphragms should be defined and used for each tower.
  • Loading – For  seismic loading ,do not use a Seismic  Auto Lateral Load type , use User  defined seismic loads  , perform a Response Spectrum or Time History analysis instead.

  • Vertical systems – In terms of height, unbraced length, response, and all other factors, design of columns and shear walls should proceed as normal.

NOTE: ETABS 2013 includes a new feature which streamlines the modeling of multiple structures within the same file.

How is a sloped roof modeled?

Answer: A structure may be modeled with a sloped roof by defining coincident gridlines and story elevations when the model is initiated. Story level should be defined at the top and bottom of the sloped roof. Additional instruction is available in the

tutorial, which is similar in topic.


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