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The Open Application Programming Interface (OAPI) allows third-party products to integrate with SAP2000 such that users may create custom engineering applications. SAP2000.exe is an ActiveX  control which external applications may reference.

While the OAPI is complimentary with SAP2000 licensing, CSI does not extend service to the technology. This goes for both the OAPI itself, and any third-party product. Interfacing issues and other concerns should be directed to the third-party product provider.

For qualified users and third-party developers who would like CSI Technical Support to assist with building solutions and integrating products using the SAP2000 API, the CSI Developer Network (CSIDN) is available as a subscription-based service. Please visit the CSIDN page of the CSI Website for the Qualification Form. CSIDN Subscribers will then receive technical support for SAP2000 OAPI applications.

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