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Live Template

Step-by-step moving-load analysis can be setup using the following procedure:

  • Define Vehicle via "Loads Tab > Vehicles > New".
  • Define layout line via "Layout Tab > Layout Line > New".
  • Define lane via "Layout Tab > Lane > New".
  • Use "Load Tab > Load Patterns" to define new load pattern of type "Vehicle Live". See Figure 1 below. Use the "Modify Bridge Live Load" button to define the load assignments, such as lanes, vehicles, vehicle speed, movement direction, etc.

Figure 1: Define load pattern of "Vehicle Live" type


  • A multi-step static load case is automatically created. This load case may be reviewed via "Analysis Tab > Load Cases > Modify".
  • Dynamic response may be evaluated when load-case type is changed from Multi-step Static to Time-history, and analysis type to Nonlinear, Direct-integration. Damping and other parameters may be specified as necessary.

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