Design first steps


An overview of the design-check procedure for steel-frame structural systems.





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A brief overview of the steel design-check procedure is as follows:

  1. Define design load combinations through the Define > Load Combinations menu. These design combinations may be defined manually or using the Add Default Design Combos option.

  2. Specify the design code to be used through the Design > Steel Frame Design > View/Revise Preferences menu.

  3. Review the load combinations that will be used for design, making changes if necessary, through the Design > Steel Frame Design > Select Design Combos menu.

  4. Run the design by selecting the Design > Steel Frame Design > Start Design/Check of Structure option. Please note that analysis must be run prior to design.

  5. Review the design results either graphically, by right-clicking on a member for more detailed information, or in tabular format by selecting the Display > Show Tables > Design Data option.

  6. Check design by using commands on the Steel > Steel Frame Design menu. Here, information is presented on passing / failing members, etc.

The SAP2000 Introductory Tutorial of the CSI Watch & Learn video series presents a useful demonstration on this topic. Another useful resource is the CSI Steel Frame Design Manual, available within the software interface through Help > Documentation > Design > Steel Frame Design. Here, users may find information on design codes and their computation.