See also Licensing FAQ in the private licensing space.

This page contains frequently asked questions related to licensing.

License Installation

I cannot add the license to the License Manager server.

Note: Help > About WlmAdmin shows the version of WlmAdmin NOT the version of the LM server software.

I have attached the hardware key but the check box is disabled when I run Wechoid.exe or the Locking Code #2 is 0 when I run Echoid.exe.

Note that when running the driver for a USB key, the key should not be attached to the computer.

License Configuration

How can I control which license level is the program using?

Extended question: We have two types of licenses for SAP2000: SAPAD and SAPPL. How do we choose which license is used when we run the software? By default it using SAPAD, but we want users to use SAPPL by default or choose which license they need. Is this possible?

Answer: You can do this as follows:

With the above, the program will obtain the license for ADVANCED and PLUS levels when run from the respective folders.

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I have installed the license but when I run the program, it shows that the trial license is being used. How can I force the program to retrieve the network license?

The trial license will be used until it expires, then the program will look for the Network license. If you do not want to wait until the trial license expires and want to force the program to "pull" the network license immediately, you have the following options based on your version of the program:

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The license for a previous version of CSI software has expired but I need to use that program using license for the current version.

Make a level.txt file and place it in the folder with the program.exe. This text file should have two lines as follows:

Program is slow to find the network license.

License Problems

How can I prevent losing staged construction or bridge modeler license?

Extended Question: Sometimes when I am running Bridge Modeler or Staged Construction module, some other user will try to use the same license (we have a network license server here in the company) and unintentionally cause me to lose the license. This will cause SAP2000 to close automatically. Is there some way I can prevent this from happening?

Answer: The license for Staged Construction or the Bridge Modeler is not held by the program during actual analysis and another user can access the license during this time. However, you can check out the license as described in the Checking out license article.


Program generated error codes.

Error Code

Problem Description


License not found (but LM servers running)


User defined License not found: Defined level in level.txt file not found or level in program.ini not found


No LM servers running


License found but Update failed

30, 40, 50

Illegal License – not a CSI license

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