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A 3D-object-based model may originate in SAFE or import from SAP2000, ETABS, or CAD. Templates quickly initiate a model. Grid, snap, chamfer/fillet, trim/extend, circular- and spline-curve controls allow direct drawing of any slab shape. Replication tools streamline modeling for a series of unique slab systems, as was done with Studio Gang’s Aqua in Chicago, Illinois (Reid, Robert L. Chicago Tower’s ‘Wavelike’ Design Features Different Shapes For Every Floor. Civil Engineering Apr. 2007: 22). Up to four simultaneous display windows present the model. Interactive database editing presents definition tables in SAFE and Excel.

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SAFE is ideal for designing traditional and post-tensioned (PT) reinforced-concrete slab systems. The PT process is intuitive and comprehensive. Design strips (per grid-line or support conditions), banded and distributed tendon layout, tendon profiles, and jacking options (per force percentage, stress value, or hyperstatic analysis) may all be user-defined or automated (with interactive editing features) according to the following codes: ACI 318-08, AS 3600-01, BS 8110-97, CSA A23.3-04, Eurocode 2-2004, Hong Kong CP-04, IS 456-2000, NZS 3101-06, Singapore CP-65-99. Transfer, final, and long-term PT checks ensure design adequacy. SAFE also provides for beam design with post-tensioning capability.