The *Sentinel RMS License Manager* may be installed on one or more computers to establish and coordinate a computer network which enables multiple computers to share a {new-tab-link:http://www.csiberkeley.com/}CSI{new-tab-link} Software license. The [license|kb:Licensing] server has access to license codes. When a networked computer starts the shared software, it obtains a license from the license server, which then coordinates sharing within the network.


Operating systems which {new-tab-link:http://www.csiberkeley.com/}CSI{new-tab-link} Software support for license serving include:

* Windows XP
* Windows 2003
* Windows 2008
* Windows Vista
* Windows 7

h2. Additional Notes

* 32-bit operating systems should use the Sentinel RMS License Manager v.8.0.5 or higher

* 64-bit operating systems should use v.8.3.0 or higher
** A current version is available for download through [Sentinel LMS |ftp://ftp.csiberkeley.com/pubdocs/Sentinel-LMS-8.4.1/|Sentinel RMS License manager]\\
** Please note that Virtual Server is not supported for {new-tab-link:http://www.csiberkeley.com/}CSI{new-tab-link} Software.