SAP2000 can perform [moment curvature|kb:Moment curvature] analysis. This is done using the [Section Designer|kb:section designer] (SD) utility built into the program. We recommend using Version 12, since numerous improvements have been made over Version 11, especially for prestressed sections.

The procedure is as follows for V12:

* Create a new model or open an existing model. If you are only interested in the moment-curvature analysis, any model will do.
* Define > Materials, and use the Add Material Quick button to define the Concrete, Rebar, and Tendon materials you will be using.
* Define > Section Properties > Frame Sections
* Add New Property > Other >  Section Designer
* Select the concrete base material, then click the Section Designer button
* In SD (Section Designer), Draw > Caltrans > Round, then click on the grid to place the shape
* Right-click on the shape, adjust dimensions, set the rebar to zero, click the Edit button for Prestress in the table, and fill out the data, OK, OK.
* Draw > Solid Shape > Circle, and click on the grid to place the shape away from your Caltrans shape.
* Right-click on the shape, change the material to OPENING, adjust the diameter, set the location to center on the Caltrans shape.
* Display > Show Moment-Curvature curve, set the axial force (compression is negative) and bending angle to plot various moment-curvature curves.
* Click the Details button to get a report.
* There’s a lot here. Use F1 to get HELP.

The developed section can be further used for [pushover analysis|kb:Pushover].

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