This tutorial demonstrates the modeling of vibrating machinery and its connection to a steel-skid structural system.

Tutorial content describes application of the following:

* [Constraints|kb:Constraint] which link machinery to structure

* Analytical-model [meshing|kb:Meshing]

* [Mass|kb:Mass] sources and periodic time-history [load cases|kb:Load case]

* Pile sections and connections

* Soil [damping|kb:Damping] and [springs|kb:Pile lateral support based on P-y curves]

Upon conclusion of analysis, performance may be evaluated through deflection amplitudes, velocities, and accelerations, output plot function traces, and hysteretic behavior of multi-linear plastic [links|kb:Link] which correlate with dynamic-nonlinear P-Y, T-Z soil data.


{viewpdf:name=Vibrating machinery steel skid on piles.pdf}

h1. Attachments

* [Vibrating-machinery steel skid on piles \|^Vibrating machinery steel skid on piles.pdf|] (PDF)