Approach 1 - assigning releases to shell elements

The latest versions of CSI programs allow to assign edge releases to the edge of shell elements via the Assign menu command for shell elements. This is the most convenient approach to assign simply supported shells. However, if more refined control is needed, then the additional approached described below can be used.

Approach 2 - connectivity via links

Shells may be modeled as simply supported shells by inserting short links between the slab and its supporting members. These links would be fixed for translational degrees of freedom (DOF), and free for rotational. This procedure results in a model which may be checked easily, since all links are readily visible.

Approach 3 - disconnect joints and apply constraints

An alternative procedure is to disconnect the joints and then use constraints to constrain only the translational DOF as follows:

Approach 4 - offset shell element and apply weld constraint

Approaches 2 and 3 can be time consuming, especially for large models. A more efficient approach might be a combination of approaches 2 and 3 as follows:

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