This page is devoted to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to licensing in general.

Please refer also to Conventional Licensing FAQ and Web-Activated Licensing FAQ for additional details related to Conventional Licensing and Web-Activated Licensing.

License configuration

With two license levels, how can I control which is used?

Extended question: We have two SAP2000 license levels, including Plus and Advanced. The Advanced license is used by default, though we would like to use Plus by default, then have users select Advanced when appropriate. How can we implement this configuration?

Answer: This can be done as follows:

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How do I run a previous software version using the license for a current version?

Please refer to the Run a previous software version using a current version license article.

Why is the software slow to locate the network license?

Answer: Please refer to the following articles for resolution tips for this problem:

License problem

How can I prevent other network users from retrieving the license when in use?

Extended Question: Occasionally, when I run the staged-construction or bridge-modeler module, another user on the network license server will retrieve the same license and takeover use of the software. This causes the software to suddenly close. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Answer: Software does not hold licensing for staged construction and the bridge modeler during analysis, allowing other users to access the license during this time. However, users may check out a license, as described in the License check out article.

License errors

See License errors and their resolution page.

License use

If I open two ETABS sessions, will my computer use two of my company’s licenses?


products allow up to three sessions using one network license, so running two sessions will only use a single license.

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See Also

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