This articles provides troubleshooting instructions for opening ports that are required for license activation.


The following errors can be generated  when running activation tool for a web-activated license in a situation when the affected computer is behind a Proxy/Caching proxy or has proxy settings that are preventing direct access to CSI license activation server on ports 80 and 443:


The license activation server ports are 80 and 443. If either of these ports is blocked, they need to be opened, otherwise license activation will not be possible.

For products released prior to 2/4/2014, ports 8080 and 8443 were used instead of ports 80 and 443. If you are using products released prior to 2/4/2014, please upgrade to the latest version as ports 80 and 443 are typically opened on most systems by default.



To troubleshoot the error, the users should check if they have any Proxy settings or a "caching proxy server" that they are using and/or the Firewall they are using if they are not using any proxy server. This will help to determine if this is a network issue or if this is a computer issue.

If users have a Socks proxy server, such as IBM WebSphere Application server setup as a proxy server, they should check it has been set to allow access to SSL port 443.

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