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General FAQ

How can I control which license the program should be using?

Extended question: We have two types of licenses for SAP2000: SAPAD and SAPPL. How do we choose which license is used when we run the software? By default it using SAPAD, but we want users to use SAPPL by default or choose which license they need. Is this possible?

Answer: Create a text file named "level.txt" in the installation folder of SAP2000. This text file should have a single line as follows:

Line 1: Program Level. To run the PLUS version, line 1 should read PLUS. To run the ADVANCED version, line 1 should read ADVANCED.

Once the above text file is saved in SAP2000 installation folder and you launch SAP2000, it will use the license level specified in the level.txt file, if the license level is available.

The license level can be also specified in the SAP2000 ini file which is located in c:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Computers and Structures\SAP2000v12.ini for SAP2000 V12 and above.

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How can I prevent loosing staged construction or bridge modeler license am I loosing license?

Extended Question: Sometimes when I am running Bridge Modeler or Staged Construction module, some other user will try to use the same license (we have a network license server here in the company) and unintentionally cause me to lose the license. This will cause SAP2000 to close automatically. Is there some way I can prevent this from happening?

Answer: See License > Checking out license

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