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  1. Click the Draw menu > Draw Floor/Wall Objects > Draw Wall Openings command or button to add an opening in a wall.

2. You can lock dimensions while in the Properties of Object form. Make sure that snap increments via Draw > Snap Options are in line with specified opening dimensions so that the exact dimensions as entered in Properties of Object form can be reflected in the model. 

3. Then, left click anywhere on the wall object where the opening is to be drawn. 

4. If step 2 above is skipped, you can repeat step 3 then move the mouse pointer to locate the top left corner of the opening, using the coordinate display as a guide. Move the mouse pointer and click the lower right corner of the wall opening to draw the opening. A window object can be located anywhere within a wall object.

5. After drawing window or door objects in a wall, use the Edit menu > Edit Shells > Divide Walls for Openings command to appropriately mesh the wall to incorporate the opening.