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Title: Load case  
Author: Ondrej Mar 31, 2010
Last Changed by: Jessica Napier Mar 31, 2014
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SAFE (5)
    Page: Import response-spectrum load case from ETABS into SAFE
    Page: Modeling uplift and foundations on soil supports
    Page: Cracked-section analysis
    Page: Soil pressure
    Page: Auto pattern live
Technical Knowledge Base (72)
    Page: Load case FAQ
    Page: Foundation uplift
    Page: Reporting FAQ
    Page: Envelope multiple load-case results
    Page: Tension and compression limits tips
    Page: Damping in response-spectrum analysis
    Page: Generating response-spectrum curves
    Page: Time dependent properties
    Page: Program usage FAQ
    Page: Power-spectral-density FAQ
    Page: Periodic time-history analysis for two applied loads with different frequencies
    Page: Damping
    Page: P-Delta FAQ and troubleshooting
    Page: Prestressed bridge flexural design check (AASHTO LRFD 2007)
    Page: Cable-stayed bridge FAQ
    Home page: Home
    Page: Deflected configuration
    Page: Staged-construction operations
    Page: Time-history analysis FAQ
    Page: Creep implementation
    Page: Program usage
    Page: AISC Direct Analysis Method
    Page: Design FAQ
    Page: Soil-structure interaction
    Page: Eigenvalue vs. Nonlinear buckling analysis
    Page: Time function
    Page: Reducible live load
    Page: Nonlinear moving-load analysis
    Page: Staged-construction stages and output steps
    Page: Bridge modeler FAQ
    Page: Self-weight multiplier
    Page: Nonlinear buckling
    Page: Load combination
    Page: Suspension bridge
    Page: Ball-bearing systems
    Page: Cyclic pushover analysis
    Page: How to include P-Delta effect in analysis
    Page: Notional-load assignment to load combinations
    Page: Vertical cables
    Page: Archiving analysis models
    Page: Extracting creep, shrinkage, secondary prestress effects and other load effects from staged-construction results
    Page: Response-spectrum analysis FAQ
    Page: Camber
    Page: Link
    Page: Damping of stiff elements with inelastic softening
    Page: Range-add load combination
    Page: Buckling
    Page: Beams on an elastic foundation
    Page: Progressive collapse analysis
    Page: Initial conditions for free vibration
    Page: Pile lateral support based on P-y curves
    Page: Acceleration FAQ
    Page: Buckling FAQ
    Page: Damping FAQ
    Page: Cable FAQ
    Page: Shrinkage FAQ
    Page: Nonlinear viscous damping
    Page: Losses computed for tendons modeled as elements
    Page: Lane
    Page: Using modal analysis to troubleshoot convergence failure
    Page: FNA application process
    Page: Staged-construction tips
    Page: Moving-load analysis FAQ
    Page: Load combination FAQ
    Page: Manual multi-support excitation
    Page: Accidental eccentricity for Response Spectrum Analysis
    Page: Staged construction
    Page: Staged construction FAQ
    Page: Target force
    Page: External Results load case
    Page: Modeling cracked-section properties
    Page: Load pattern
ETABS (13)
    Page: Tension-only elements in ETABS
    Page: Global force balance relative error
    Page: Mass FAQ
    Page: Amplify accidental torsional eccentricity per IS 1893
    Page: P-Delta analysis parameters
    Page: Diaphragm forces
    Page: Torsional Irregularities check for Response Spectrum Analysis (RSA)
    Home page: Home
    Page: Floor vibration due to human footfalls
    Page: Scale factor in RSA
    Page: Center of rigidity
    Page: Amplified displacement
    Page: Moving load
SAP2000 (1)
    Page: Export SAP2000 to SAFE
Tutorials (14)
    Page: Pushover analysis first steps
    Page: Obtain results for individual stages of a staged-construction load case
    Page: Step-by-step moving-load analysis first steps (CSiBridge)
    Page: Hinge first steps (SAP2000)
    Page: Influence-based moving-load analysis first steps (CSiBridge)
    Page: Step-by-step moving-load analysis first steps (SAP2000)
    Page: Time-history analysis first steps
    Page: Create and copy load combinations
    Page: Influence-based moving-load analysis first steps (SAP2000)
    Page: Vibrating-machinery steel skid on piles
    Page: Acceleration load in arbitrary direction
    Page: Tuned-mass damper
    Page: Hinge first steps (CSiBridge)
    Page: Applying point, line, and area loads to bridge objects
CSiBridge (1)
    Page: Initial cable forces for a cable-stayed bridge
Test Problems (8)
    Page: Hinge response when yield point changes
    Page: Acceleration loading
    Page: Load case
    Page: Staged construction of a five-story column
    Page: Interpreting buckling analysis results for different initial conditions
    Page: Bridge shrinkage example
    Page: Line and area springs
    Page: Human-induced vibrations
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    Home page: Home
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    Page: External Results load case
    Page: Load case FAQ
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Technical Knowledge Base (7)     Page: Comparison between FNA and direct-integration time-history analyses
    Page: Buckling
    Page: Modal analysis
    Page: Load pattern
    Page: Response-spectrum analysis
    Page: Nonlinear
    Page: Load combination