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Title: Shell  
Author: Ondrej Mar 23, 2010
Last Changed by: Ondrej Mar 27, 2019
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Technical Knowledge Base (63)
    Page: Cracking
    Page: Flexible vs. rigid diaphragm effect on torsional stiffness of buildings
    Page: Nonlinear buckling
    Page: Section Designer FAQ
    Page: Thin vs. Thick shells
    Page: Strain localization within nonlinear shells
    Page: Ramps
    Page: Bridge Modeler
    Page: Slab modeled as girder top flange
    Page: Creep FAQ
    Page: Solid FAQ
    Page: Analysis-phase times reported for nonlinear analysis
    Page: Section cut FAQ
    Page: Load pattern FAQ
    Page: Design FAQ
    Page: Property modifiers
    Page: Interpolation constraint
    Page: Basic concepts
    Page: Modeling techniques FAQ
    Page: Section cut
    Page: Temperature
    Page: External tendon
    Home page: Home
    Page: Culvert
    Page: Composite behavior FAQ
    Page: Warping
    Page: Accounting for deformed shape in staged construction
    Page: Discretization
    Page: Effect of rigid diaphragms on buckling of a cruciform structure
    Page: Joint
    Page: Meshing
    Page: Layered shells
    Page: Constraint
    Page: Modal analysis FAQ
    Page: Creep implementation
    Page: Wind auto lateral load per ASCE 7-05
    Page: Meshing FAQ
    Page: Staged-construction operations
    Page: Shell FAQ
    Page: External Results load case
    Page: Local and global models
    Page: Connecting frame, shell, and solid elements
    Page: Bridge foundation
    Page: Bridge modeler FAQ
    Page: Lane-to-object connection
    Page: Diaphragm constraint
    Page: Bridge weight as area, spine, or solid model
    Page: Tendon
    Page: Moving-load analysis FAQ
    Page: High torsion about shear wall
    Page: None property
    Page: Lane discretization
    Page: Arch bridges and soil interaction
    Page: Bridge bearings FAQ
    Page: Shells with no stiffness
    Page: Line (edge) constraint
    Page: Loading tendons which are modeled as loads
    Page: Concrete shell reinforcement design
    Page: Hinge FAQ
    Page: Modeling decks not available through the bridge modeler
    Page: Shell stress averaging
    Page: Bridge object force and stress diagrams
    Page: Area object offset
SAFE (2)
    Page: Modeling slabs with variable thickness, loading and soil subgrade modulus
    Page: Cracking FAQ
    Page: Mass FAQ
    Page: MIVAN system
    Home page: Home
    Page: Membrane vs. shell slab
    Page: Diaphragm forces
SAP2000 (7)
    Page: Sample DXF files for import
    Page: Import DXF into SAP2000
    Page: Export SAP2000 to DWG
    Page: Export SAP2000 to DXF
    Page: Import DWG into SAP2000
    Page: Semi-rigid diaphragms
    Page: Dome structures
CSiBridge (1)
    Home page: Home
Tutorials (5)
    Page: Section-cut first steps
    Page: Create circular openings
    Page: Create custom sections using polygonal shapes
    Page: Shell
    Page: Joint-pattern first steps
Perform-3D (1)
    Page: Modeling of coupling beams in shear walls
Test Problems (7)
    Page: Line and area springs
    Page: Staged-construction analysis of two-span precast-girder bridge
    Page: Modeling segmental-bridge joint openings
    Page: Frame to shell connections
    Page: Shell
    Page: Influence surface
    Page: Saving section cuts during moving-load analysis
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Technical Knowledge Base (6)     Page: Layered shells
    Page: Modeling techniques
    Page: Strain localization within nonlinear shells
    Page: Material nonlinearity
    Page: Shell
    Page: Constraint
Documentation (1)     Page: CSI Analysis Reference Manual