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Technical Knowledge Base (85)
    Page: Generating response-spectrum curves
    Page: Interactive database editing
    Page: Error codes and descriptions
    Page: Basic concepts
    Page: Material nonlinearity for solid objects
    Page: Tendon implementation in SAP2000
    Page: Network installation
    Page: Frame FAQ
    Page: Program usage FAQ
    Page: Automatically save tabular analysis results
    Page: Product Descriptions
    Page: Interoperability
    Page: Prestress losses
    Page: Damping coefficients
    Page: Educational version
    Page: Command line
    Page: Connecting frame, shell, and solid elements
    Page: License FAQ
    Page: Backup and troubleshooting corrupted models
    Page: Damping
    Page: Frame properties in database tables
    Page: Adding plugins to SAP2000
    Page: Progressive collapse analysis
    Page: Transform stiffness
    Page: Bridge Modeler
    Page: 12x12 stiffness of two-joint links
    Page: Applying advanced filters using SQL strings
    Page: FNA application process
    Page: Modeling different types of tendons
    Page: Printing graphics
    Page: P-M2-M3 hinges
    Page: Named property sets
    Page: Load combination FAQ
    Page: Pattern live-load factor
    Page: level.txt
    Page: Changing default units
    Page: Suspension bridge
    Page: Archiving analysis models
    Page: Section cut
    Page: Compatibility with different Windows versions
    Page: OAPI FAQ
    Page: Setting API references for client application
    Page: Mixed models
    Page: Effective length factor
    Page: Sample Plugin 1
    Page: Bridge modeler FAQ
    Page: Comparison of CSI products
    Page: Link FAQ
    Page: Camber
    Page: Conventional Licensing FAQ
    Page: Vehicle FAQ
    Page: Staged-construction operations
    Page: AISC Direct Analysis Method
    Page: Interaction diagram FAQ
    Home page: Home
    Page: Layered shells
    Page: OAPI
    Page: Requisite files for archiving models
    Page: Damping FAQ
    Page: Solver tips
    Page: Composite behavior FAQ
    Page: Fast Nonlinear Analysis (FNA)
    Page: Trapezoidal loads to shell objects
    Page: Reporting in SAP2000
    Page: Construction scheduler tips
    Page: Section cut FAQ
    Page: Bearing and foundation springs
    Page: Hinge assignments
    Page: Panel zones
    Page: OAPI-MatLab considerations
    Page: Design FAQ
    Page: Nonlinear buckling
    Page: Constraint FAQ
    Page: Section Designer
    Page: Import FAQ
    Page: Target force FAQ
    Page: Caltrans BAG bridge-model generator
    Page: Displacement time-history record
    Page: Run a previous software version using a current version license
    Page: Vehicle Response Components
    Page: How to include P-Delta effect in analysis
    Page: Shell FAQ
    Page: Concrete shell reinforcement design
    Page: Nonlinear moving-load analysis
    Page: Plotting link hysteresis
SAFE (1)
    Home page: Home
    Page: Envelope combination not for design
    Page: Export ETABS V9 Files to SAP2000
    Page: Floor vibration due to human footfalls
    Page: Response factor
SAP2000 (24)
    Page: Semi-rigid diaphragms
    Page: Export SAP2000 to FrameWorks
    Page: Export SAP2000 to IGES
    Page: Import IGES into SAP2000
    Page: Interaction diagram
    Page: Display structural object weight
    Page: TreeNavigation
    Page: Import IFC into SAP2000
    Page: Import Rhino or Grasshopper into SAP2000
    Page: Export SAP2000 to PERFORM-3D
    Page: Clean installation
    Page: Import CSiBridge into SAP2000
    Page: OpenGL graphics mode
    Page: Export SAP2000 to DXF
    Page: Import Revit into SAP2000
    Page: Panel zones
    Page: Import DXF into SAP2000
    Page: Import CIS2 into SAP2000
    Page: Import DWG into SAP2000
    Page: Sample DXF files for import
    Page: Export SAP2000 to DWG
    Page: Import Risa 3D into SAP2000
    Page: Import StruCAD*3D or ZenScad into SAP2000
    Page: Recovering corrupted SAP2000 model files
Tutorials (13)
    Page: Design first steps
    Page: Obtain results for individual stages of a staged-construction load case
    Page: Modeling a pin connection between crossing members
    Page: Tuned-mass damper
    Page: Pushover analysis first steps
    Page: Moment-curvature analysis for hollow prestressed-concrete piles
    Page: Variable girder spacing
    Page: Acceleration load in arbitrary direction
    Page: Manual modeling of wall-type bents
    Page: Center-of-gravity determination
    Page: Complicated joint patterns
    Page: Composite section
    Page: Using the graphical user interface
Perform-3D (1)
    Page: Import SAP2000 or ETABS into PERFORM-3D
Test Problems (10)
    Page: Acceleration loading
    Page: Effect of insertion point on beam reactions
    Page: Temperature load vs. insertion point
    Page: Insertion point and transform stiffness
    Page: Partial end releases
    Page: Staged construction in buildings
    Page: Hinge response when yield point changes
    Page: Line and area springs
    Page: Multi-pendulum model (Newton's cradle)
    Page: P-Delta effect for a cantilevered column
Documentation (1)
    Page: Verification examples
Children (9)
    Page: Design
    Page: Export
    Page: Import
    Page: Installation
    Page: Joint
    Page: Licensing
    Page: Modeling techniques
    Page: Program usage
    Page: References
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Technical Knowledge Base (15)     Page: Response-spectrum analysis
    Page: Staged construction
    Page: OAPI
    Page: P-Delta effect
    Page: Hinge
    Page: Shrinkage
    Page: Material nonlinearity
    Page: Ritz vs. Eigen vectors
    Home page: Home
    Page: Modal analysis
    Page: Creep
    Page: Nonlinear
    Page: Time-history analysis
    Page: Discretization
    Page: Moving-load analysis
SAP2000 (1)     Home page: Home
Tutorials (1)     Page: SAP2000
Test Problems (1)     Page: SAP2000