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This page is devoted to *frequently asked questions* (FAQ) related to [licensing|kb:Licensing].



h1. License installation

h2. Why can I not add the license to the License Manager Server?

*Answer:* This may be attributed to one of the following reasons:

* The server Disk ID is wrong.

* The server is running an older version of the License Manager Server than for which the license was made. A current version is available for download through [Sentinel LMS ||Sentinel RMS License manager].
Please note that the version shown through Help > About WlmAdmin shows that of WlmAdmin, and not the LM server software.

h2. Why is the check box disabled when Wechoid.exe is run, and why is Locking Code #2 given as 0 when Echoid.exe is run?

*Answer:* Although the hardware key is attached, this problem may still arise due to one of the following reasons:

* The Sentinel System Driver needs to be installed. The installation can be found (1) on the CD/DVD browser; (2) in the KeyDriver folder for a standalone installation; and (3) in the KeyDriver folder under the License Manager folder for a network installation.

* The latest version of the driver needs to be installed. Please contact to receive a link to the latest version.
Please note that when running the driver for a USB key, the key should not be attached to the computer.

h1. License configuration

h2. With two license levels, how can I control which is used?

*Extended question:* We have two [SAP2000|sap2000:home] license levels, including Plus and Advanced. The Advanced license is used by default, though we would like to use Plus by default, then have users select Advanced when appropriate. How can we implement this configuration?

*Answer:* This can be done as follows:

* Perform a standalone installation of SAP2000 XX.

* Make a copy of the installation folder and rename it SAP2000 XX PLUS.

* Create a Level.txt file in the original folder. The contents of this file should read ADVANCED.

* Create a Level.txt file in the copied folder. The contents of this file should read PLUS.
Folders will then exist for both the Plus and Advanced license levels. The corresponding license level will run when selected.

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h2. How can I use the newly-installed network license and not the previously-installed trial license?

*Answer:* When a [license|kb:Licensing] is installed on a system running a trial license, the trial license will be used until it expires. The software will then retrieve the network license. This occurs even when the trial license is deleted because the software automatically recreates the lservrc license file when the software is run to prevent the trial license from overwriting the network license file. Users may force the system to pull the network license by replacing the lservrc file with a dummy lservrc file which may contain anything inside.

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* {incident:no=36388|comment=The program will automatically broadcast for network license when the trial license expires.}

h2. How do I run a previous software version, for which the license has expired, by using the license for a current version?

*Answer:* Make a level.txt file and place it in the folder containing the program.exe file. This text file should have two lines, given as follows:

* Line 1: Program level. If you have an advanced level of the program, the line should read ADVANCED. Please refer to the software .ini file for the level recognized for each software.

* Line 2: Software version for which the current license was issued. This should work for a range between three or four versions.

h2. Why is the software slow to locate the network license?

*Answer:* For resolution, create a LMHost.ini file which specifies either the name or the IP address of the server. Put this file in the same location as the program executable. Users may also add a level.txt file, as described in the previous FAQ topic.

h1. License problem

h2. How can I prevent other network users from retrieving the license when in use?

*Extended Question:* Occasionally, when I run the staged-construction or bridge-modeler module, another user on the network [license|kb:Licensing] server will retrieve the same license and takeover use of the software. This causes the software to suddenly close. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

*Answer:* Software does not hold licensing for [staged construction|kb:Staged construction] and the [bridge modeler|kb:Bridge modeler] during analysis, allowing other users to access the license during this time. However, users may check out a license, as described in the [License check out|kb:License check out] article.

h1. License error

h2. Software-generated error codes.

|| Error Code || Problem Description ||
| 10 | [License|kb:Licensing] not found though LM servers are running |
| 11 | User-defined license not found - level defined in level.txt or program.ini file not found |
| 17 | LM servers are not running |
| 20 | License found but update failed |
| 30, 40, 50 | Illegal license not served by {new-tab-link:}CSI{new-tab-link} |

h1. See Also

* [License troubleshooting guides|doc:License troubleshooting guides]

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