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This tutorial demonstrates [SAP2000|sap2000:home] *insertion-point* and end-offset application. Associated Also presented are their associated effects, including those of *transform stiffness*, are also presented.

h1. Hand calculations


{viewpdf:name=Hand calcs.pdf}

h1. Screenshots

The visuals which follow illustrate the modeling and performance of two systems, one with default settings which transform stiffness to account for insertion-point offset, and one which does not transform stiffness.



{center-text}Figure 1 - Geometry{center-text}



{center-text}Figure 2 - Extruded geometry{center-text}



{center-text}Figure 3 - Deflections{center-text}



{center-text}Figure 4 - Axial forces{center-text}



{center-text}Figure 5 - Moment{center-text}

h1. Attachments

* [Hand calculations |Insertion point and transform stiffness^Hand calcs.pdf] (PDF file)
* [SAP2000 Model |Insertion point and transform stiffness^SAP2000 V12.0.1] (zipped SDB file)