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The results reported for individual stages of a staged construction load case are cumulative results (for example, results for stage 2 contain contribution from both stages 1 and 2). If you need to obtain only response due to the loading applied in a particular stage, you could use one of the following approaches:

* Post-process SAP2000 results. To obtain results for stage n, subtract results for stage (n-1) from results for stage n.
* Redefine the single staged construction load case as a chained sequence of load cases, each using stiffness at the end of the previous case. Then setup a load combination to obtain results only for a given stage n as follows:
** results for stage n only = (cumulative results for stage n) - (cumulative results for stage (n-1))

The second approach is illustrated in the attached as shown on the screenshots below:

!fig 2 - geometry.png|hspace=30px!

!fig 3 - staged construction load case.png|border=1,hspace=30px!

!fig 1 - joint deflections.png|border=1,hspace=30px!

h1. Attachments

* [SAP2000 V14.2.4 model|^cantilever model] (zipped SDB file)