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Welcome to the CSI Knowledge Base

  • The CSI Knowledge Base is a searchable, online encyclopedia that provides information to the Structural Engineering community.

  • The purpose of the CSI Knowledge Base is to further understanding within the field and to assist users with CSI Software application.

  • Documentation may be of general technical interest or specific to CSI Software application.

  • Please visit the Help Space for tips on navigating the Knowledge Base and for information on contacting CSI Technical Support.

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General Technical Topics

Product-specific information

Product descriptions and additional information specific to each CSI Software are accessible through these links:

  • SAP2000 – General-purpose structural analysis and design software
  • CSiBridge – Specialized bridge-engineering software
  • ETABS – Multi-story building analysis and design software
  • SAFE – Foundation and elevated-slab software
  • PERFORM-3D – Sophisticated modeling and performance-assessment software
  • CSiCOL – Advanced column design and evaluation software

Browse by content type

Specific content types may be accessed through the links which follow:

  • VideosCSI Watch & Learn video series

  • Tutorials – Tutorials and supplemental documentation
  • Documentation – Manuals, technical notes, and documentation distributed with CSI Software

  • Test Problems – Sample problems with supplemental models and calculation sets


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  • Help Space – Information on using the Knowledge Base and contacting Technical Support