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These specifications may be defined as shown in Figure 1:



Figure 1 - Bridge deck section definition

For the second span, the width linearly increases from 12m to 15m. Uniform flare and one-sided flare will be considered.


  • For the second span, assign linear parametric variation (from 0m to 3m) to the total deck width.


Figure 2 - Variable girder spacing for uniform flare

One-sided flare

Girder spacing increases from 3m to 4m, while for both spans, the right edge of the bridge is straight. This may be modeled by assigning, in addition to the parametric variations for uniform flare, the following:

  • Linear parametric variation (from 0m to 1.5m) to X offset from the reference point to the insertion point.


Figure 3 - Variable girder spacing for one-sided flare