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The following disclaimer applies to CSI Watch & Learn videos:

(1) The intent of the Watch & Learn videos is to offer an illustration of the features and functionality of CSI programs - these videos have not been developed to be a "design guide" or analytical reference. Think of the videos as "Quick Start" guides rather than reference manuals.

(2) Steps and input are often omitted during the making of movies for the sake of brevity. Thus a model developed by the user based on the video may differ from the one shown in the Watch & Learn.

(3) The structures used in the movies do not necessarily represent real structures and are often simplified so that it will be easy for the user to focus on the features and capabilities of the software.

(4) In some cases, the models used in the videos may appear to have "counterpart models" documented in greater detail in written CSI documentation. However, you should never try to correlate any model depicted in the video with a similar model described in the documentation. The video may skip some steps or alter values to make the model simpler or more didactic. Again, these movies are meant to be qualitative demonstrations and purposefully do not explain or show all the input and output values.

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